Aleksi Martikainen: Vocals

Valtteri Isometsä: Guitar

Ilkka Kalliainen: Guitar

Tapio Hautalampi: Drums

Jussi Harju: Keyboard

Olli-Pekka Rissanen: Bass


The band was formed in early 2005 by Aleksi Martikainen and Valtteri Isometsä whom had discussed earlier about  their interest to play doom-metal. Slowly all the pieces found their place and in the year 2006 demo "I" was released. The feedback they received about the demo was encouraging and shortly after that demo "II" was released. These two demo's convinced the owner of Ostra-records Julien to sign the band on it's ranks and in the summer of 2006 recordings of the debut album "The Crow And The Storm" begun. The recordings were finished  quite fast and at the 22th of december 2006 the album was released. During this time Jussi Harju also joined the band  as a permanent keyboardplayer. In march 2007 Ordog started to record "III" promo which was to be released in june 2007. The promo got some good reviews and very positive feedback from those who had obtained it. The promo was also meant to be as a transition between the old more traditional funeral-doom sound and the new more experimental funeral/death/doom sound.


During spring 2007 the recordings for the new album begun. The album was later named as "Life Is Too Short For Learning To Live" At this point Ordog decided to start playing live and recruited two long term friends Kimmo And Risto in their live line-up. After one gig Valtteri needed to start concentrating on  mixing the upcoming album and this meant that there would be no more gigs at least for a while.


The year 2008 was a year of change for Ordog. At first they signed a deal with the finnish record label  "Violent journey records" which published the "Life Is Too Short For Learning To Live"-album in 20th of August.  Shortly after the album was released Ordog had an interesting offer from a promotor from Russia to play two gigs  with Throes Of Dawn at Moscow and St.Petersburg. At this point it became clear that the band had to sack Risto and Kimmo from the live line-up due to various reasons. Luckily replacements were found with a few phonecalls and Ordog was able to start rehearsing again with Olli-Pekka Rissanen on the bass and Jani Niemelä on the drums.


In the summer of 2009 Ordog started to record their third album which was later titled as "Remorse". In November the band played a gig in Helsinki with Jani and Olli-Pekka again on duty. After that Ordog returned to work on the album. "Remorse" was finally released in January of 2011 after countless hours of hard work.


Writing process for the next album began soon after "Remorse" was released. Most of the songs were ready by the end of 2011. Then there was some discussing about using some exterior help with the recording process. Different options were thought and the start of the recordings were delayed again and again. Finally somewhere around October of 2012 the band got in contact with an old friend Ilkka Kalliainen who happened to be an audio engineer. He accepted the offer to record the fourth Ordog-album. The recordings of "Trail For The Broken" began in January 2013. The schedules were quite difficult to arrange so Valtteri asked if Ilkka could play the bass tracks for the album as a session player.  He did it and after that it was easy to persuade him to join the band permanently.


So Ilkka was in the band as a bass player and later that year after the recordings were finished Tapio "Hautsi" Hautalampi joined the ranks as a drummer. All the recording, mixing and mastering were done by February 2014 and "Trail For The Broken" was released in March 21st.


Ordog agreed to play two gigs in January of 2015 but Hautsi wasn't available for those gigs so the band had to get a replacement for the drum seat. There was no suitable drummers nearby so they decided that Valtteri jumps  behind the drums and Ilkka shifts to guitar and again Olli-Pekka Rissanen was phoned to fill the vacancy of the bass player. Everything worked well and the first gigs in over five years were played in Oulu and Rovaniemi. Olli-Pekka was asked if he  wanted to join the band now as a full member. He accepted the offer so Ordog became a six-piece with both Valtteri and Ilkka as guitarists.


The rehearsals for the fifth album began in the summer and the recording began in November. During the recording process Ilkka decided to leave the band due to personal matters and without any bad blood. Ordog continues to soldier on and  looks forward to the horizon.


Trail for The Broken

Album 2014


01. The Trail

02. Scythe

03. Swarm Of Abhorrence

04. Devoted To Loss

05. Enter The Void

06. I Ceased To Dream

07. Abandoned

08. The Crows of Towerpath



Album 2011


1. Human shell

2. Betrayed

3. Shadowland

4. Abuse

5. Remorse

6. Boneyard horizon

7. Meant to be an end

Life Is Too Short For Learning To Live

Album 2008


1. Death's Cold Embrace

2. Live Fast, Die Slow

3. Drown In Yourself

4. Chapelle Ardente

5. Learning To Live

6. Pokol



Release date:

August 20th, 2008




Promo/Demo 2007


1. Why you wanna hurt me?

2.Standing in front of the desolation


Release date:

June 22th, 2007




Crow And The Storm

Debute album 2006


1.In Utter Darkness

2.The Crow And The Storm




Release date:

December 22nd, 2006






Compilation 2006


1. Cholera

2.Black Lotus


4.Lignum Mors

5.Amidst the Pillars of Void

6.Within the Dismal Clouds


Release date:

September 1st, 2006







Demo 2006



2.Lignum Mors

3.Amidst the Pillars of Void

4.Within the Dismal Clouds


Release date:

August 6th, 2006








Demo 2006


 1. Cholera

2. Black Lotus


Release date:

June 26th, 2006










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